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SHIT SHOW Candle - Smells like booze is the glue that holds it all together

SHIT SHOW Candle - Smells like booze is the glue that holds it all together

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Coconut, Sea Salt & Amber

Fruity accents add to this sweet blend of creamed coconut and sea salt. Layers of musk and sugared vanilla blend with amber for lingering sweetness.

15 oz - Hand Poured - Natural Coconut & Apricot Wax with a premium wooden wick.

Candle Care:

With these finicky little guys, we recommend lighting them the first time with a BBQ lighter or a hand held lighter.

Hold the flame at the base of the wick for about 15-20 seconds if you can, you may have to try - lighting them a few times.

Once you have your candle lit for the first time try to keep the candle burning for up to 2 - 4 hours or until the melt pool has reached the sides of the container to insure a consistent burn without tunneling for the rest of the candle life. 

Once you have done this, it should be smooth sailing!

When you relight you candle make sure your wick is nice and cleaned up before lighting.

Gently tap off any excess charcoal bits on the wick from the previous burn.

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