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Style of Coffee Table We are Loving Right Now – Round!

by | May 8, 2018 | Decor Tips

Round, square or rectangular, which is the right shape of coffee table for you?

I often get asked how to choose the right coffee table for your space. Since I am not an interior designer, I can only speak to what I have done and what has worked for me.

From wood, metal, wood & metal or marble, a round coffee table brings a great flow to your living space, giving you more room to walk around. I have attached some pics of some that I am swooning over right now (& that we can happily order!) I personally own the whitewashed round one below and LOVE IT. Lately I am really loving the versatility of a stackable table - see side pic, 2 stain opitions available, light & dark. I also like the mixture of different materials like metal and wood together for an industrial or modern farmhouse feel. I am all about conversation pieces!

When I was considering the size or style of coffee table I needed, 1st I considered the layout of our space and the scale I would need. You do not want to have a big, beautiful oversized comfy sofa paired with a tiny coffee table. Our family room is small and our sectional takes up alot of the room (we love Family Movie Nights!) so I knew I wanted a round architectural statement piece to break up all the straight lines we have (our sectional has square arm rests), as well as to lighten up the room. I chose a 46x46 and 18" high round table. Our sectional hits at about 18" high & I hate to admit this but the coffee table also doubles as a foot rest at times!

I also take into consideration the height since we like to entertain, I don’t want my guests to feel awkward placing their drinks on a low table at 15in. I find a good height is anywhere from 16-19in. (basically the height of your sofa/sectional)

We had a square fabric ottoman for years that doubled as our coffee table (with a huge square tray that I think I repainted 5 times) but it always felt “awkward”, was moved around constantly to make leg room & sort of got claimed by our pup as an appropriate place to sit – see pic!

A round coffee table is also a fantastic option if you have littles or pets – No sharp edges!

Whatever your choice, round, square, oval or rectangular, make sure your pieces tell a story in your space and that it's something you will love & cherish for years to come.

Please feel free to email us on any of the pics for ordering info.

Xo Tamarra


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